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Well, I saw the first news.com article about Elvis vigils – it’s officially my birthday. The transition to twenty-two seems rather unexceptional, save the fact that for the next year I can make a Starflyer song my personal anthem.

The summer leading up to my twenty-second year has been a rough and tumble hands-on lesson on the truth of the old cliche: When it rains, it pours. Robis fell on increasingly hard times and my pay withered to nothing for a month. Louis, the raver and traveling DJ who jumped on board Shawn Hayes’ music project, turned out to be an weirdly manipulative dude, and I cut off contact at the first opportunity. I fell for Maria Doerfler, aka China*Blue, and hid the fact for months. She fell for me, and a week of blissed-out shock was followed by bewildered silence when she left for Europe with her old boyfriend. I Road Tripped, hitting Kansas and Cornerstone with Jason over the course of two weeks. We camped in the 107 degree heat and torrential rain, db:SonicA played Cornerstone, and Louis turned out to be Eric, a felon on the run from a credit fraud charges and a series of angry ex girlfriends. I came home and got a new job as webmaster for the Willow Creek Association.

I’m twenty-two.

So far, so good.

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