Things I Will Miss About My Job

The kids who come and play on their skateboards in the stairwell outside my window. You can tell they want to be badass, but they’re scared to do rail tricks so they just keep doing jumps and pulling back before they actually land the tricks.

So this afternoon they showed up and started their zoom-to-the-end-of-the-stairwell-then-jump-off-and-tumble routine. I used whiteboard markers to make olympic scorecards, walked into the war room and said, “OK! Skateboarder infestation! Who wants to hold up scorecards?” Lou jumped up. “I’m so there!”

We pulled up the blinds on the windows and watched until they tried another jump, then shook our heads sadly and held up ‘2.7’ and ‘3.1’ scores. They looked very, very confused.

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