The spam just keeps getting stranger and stranger

For a couple of weeks I’ve been using SpamBayes, a free Outlook plugin that uses Baysean filtering to flag and nuke spam before you ever see it in your inbox. I’ve been training it for a couple weeks on good and bad messages, and it’s now at the point where I don’t worry much about false positives and I haven’t actually SEEN spam in days. I check the ‘Spam To Delete” folder and it’s all there, festering as spam is wont to do, but I don’t have to bother myself with deleting it.

Just for kicks, I opened one to see what the pitch was. There was a clickable URL, followed by gibberish:

foil nutcrack treason weinberg catenate rubin triangular schizoid coauthor delectable american instinct gig westward battleground oviform proteolysis could gusset arduous goes daunt piety embark berman migratory anodic meteor disposal decollimate pike inductance lopseed dastard downward buckthorn socket corrector nauseate stockholder conflagration hassle abbot mexico ne

I feel as if I wandered into a private conversation between the spam and a keyword-based filtering program. It’s a little embarassing, you know?

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