A Fact of Blogs

<thealmightyajax> I guess you're right.  It's not like Slashdot to
   speculate without any solid facts.
<protobofh> Of course not.  It's NEWS for nerds.  Not Made Up
   Stuff for nerds.
<thealmightyajax> Sorry, let me wipe some of this irony off my chin.
<predicate> If it exists somewhere on the internet, it's news. 
<predicate> If it's cross-linked it's 'fact' 
<thealmightyajax> Blog + blog = fact.
<predicate> Bingo! 
<thealmightyajax> So the collective noun, then, is a "fact" of blogs.
<predicate> Nice. 
<predicate> Murder of crows... Fact of blogs...
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