The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous File Imports

So blaster151 and I are plowing through an emergency project at work. We’re getting around 35,000 products and all the associated data imported into the Grocery Chain management software that our company makes. If that made sense to you, I apologize, sincerly.

Along the way, we discovered about 2000 or so products that aren’t properly linked into a “product category” like Grocery-Meat or Dairy-Cheese or something like that. Benson and I were peering at this list of items, trying to decide what preoperties they might share to cause the problem. As we scrolled through the list, things started getting more and more surreal. Among the suspect products:

Eventually, they abandoned nouns entirely, suggesting an aisle stocked only with abstract concepts and metaphors. Want to buy some “Dream?” No problem! We also stock and sell “Hope,” “Large” and the ever-popular “Medium.”

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