It came from #predicate

mule: I predict I will only be making a fraction of my

  normal puns

Osomatic: You'll be making fractional puns?

Osomatic: Or is it that only 10% of them will make us laugh...

  or put another way, that only one pun in ten did?

electroboy: was that a pun?

electroboy: oh right, one pun in ten did.

Osomatic: Perhaps his puns will be taking the fifth.

* scottydont pokes Osomatic in the eye

electroboy: did someone secretly replace oso's corn flakes

  with groucho marx's ashes?

Osomatic: Half mercy on me!

Osomatic: nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Osomatic: Okay, I'll stop.

mule: Osomatic: please stop.  I just eighth.

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