For future reference

Whenever news of killings, massacres, and general mayhem is circulated, let it be known that I am anti-killing and am shocked and horrified by brutality and murder no matter who the culprit is and who the victim is.

Let it also be known that when Americans or our trusted allies are the ones committing any sort of atrocities, I will be far more vocal in my shock and dismay. Why? Primarily, because America is composed (at least in part) of me and I share responsibility for actions taken by its representatives. When bad things are done by “our own,” it is not time to circle the wagons. It is time to clearly and articulately delineate what is and is not acceptable. Healthy civilizations recognize this.

Any fool can whip up a healthy dose of rage at The Other for crimes and horrors both real and imagined. It takes dedication and a strong spirit to scrutinize one’s own “team” and hold it accountable.

Anyone who believes that this is “traitorous,” or that it in some way indicates greater sympathy with “our enemies,” is a child and a simpleton. Conversation with them is a waste of time. Do yourself a favor and cut your losses: they aren’t worth the effort. If I continue to converse with one of them after they have made that clear, it is most likely an accidental oversight on my part.

Just for reference.

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