Live, from #predicate

[3:51pm] notyou: "flexitarian"? is that the new omnivore?

[3:51pm] letsgomiah: flexitarians are those who are flexible about their food


[3:52pm] Osomatic: So then... they're not vegetarians.

[3:52pm] scottydont: but they're willing to pretend to be vegetarians in

         order to hook up.

[3:54pm] eaton: "I am flexible -- I do not require that EVERY BITE ENTERING MY

         MOUTH be sheathed in scrumptious bacon."

[3:55pm] Osomatic: But man, think of how awesome your life would be if you could

         work out a way so that every bite you ate DID have bacon on it.

[3:55pm] eaton: see, I was just thinking that.

[3:56pm] Shoeburyness: Diet Coke with Bacon!

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