Top Ten Reasons Lance Henrikson Rocks


  1. He was illiterate until the age of 30, when he taught himself to read by studying film scripts.
  2. Bishop.
  3. Lance only acts on the side: he's also an accomplished painter and ceramicist!
  4. Other than Bill Paxton, he's the only actor to fight a Terminator, an Alien, and a Predator.
  5. Bishop.
  6. "Tilting at windmills is not a bad thing because, as Cervantes said, you can either get thrown into the mud or up into the stars. It's the risk we really all should be taking."
  7. His father was a part-time boxer and merchant marine named "Icewater".
  8. Appeared in both The Pit and the Pendulum and Super Mario Brothers, The Movie.
  9. Bishop.
  10. Frank Black + Temperance Brennan. Good crime fighting team, or the best crime fighting team?

There is a very real possibility that I need to stop watching quite so much Millennium.

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