Beginning to suspect I might be a Drupal nerd

Over the past couple of weeks, a few friends and colleagues asked me to give a run-down of what modules and projects I created or contribute to in the Drupal world. I started picking my way through them, and it was pretty sobering. (I think I’m going to need an intervention if I release even one more module…) This list leaves out the work that I do on Drupal Core, and doesn’t include patches or enhancements to other modules, but it’s a nice birds-eye view of what kind of stuff I’m doing in my copious free time. Ahem.

The Heavy Hitters


General Purpose Stuff

Old Stuff

Horrible Jokes Gone Wrong

Anyone interested in keeping up with the crazy, silly things I’m doing in Drupal-land can also check the list of my latest CVS commits – if you see the words ‘THIS IS A BAD IDEA’ scroll by on that page, it’s a sure sign I’m working on a crazy new hack.

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