How would YOU use Drupal?

Do you have a dream web site you’d like to build? I want you to build it, too. Post your comments here, and I’ll pick one to receive a free copy of O’Reilly’s Using Drupal.

For me, one of the milestones of 2008 was the publication of Using Drupal, a book I co-authored along with the rest of the Lullabot gang. it was no easy task, but I’m really happy with the results. It’s the first Drupal book that gives readers start-to-finish recipes for building a variety of real web sites, combining the software’s core features with the smorgasbord of third-party extensions.

One of the reasons we wanted to write it was the inherent difficulty in overcoming the “Wait, how do I make sense of this?” barrier with Drupal. It’s powerful software, but building complex sites with it means learning about a lot of different pieces. We – I! – want to see as many people as possible build the web sites they’re daydreaming about, and I think Using Drupal can help some of them do that.

So, here’s my question to you. What kind of web site would you like to build with Drupal? A community hub for your town? A wiki-like encyclopedia of comedy/mystery novels? An online magazine about vegetables? Post your dream site idea here, and I’ll pick one of the commenters to receive a free copy of Using Drupal.

What’s the catch? You have to post your idea – and if your idea is chosen, you have to tell me how it goes when you give it a shot. I want to see cool things happen!

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