Just smile and back away

About a year ago, I was on a flight returning home from New York. The plane touched down and the woman sitting next to me whipped out her cell phone and dialed instantly. That’s not odd in and of itself, but the conversation that followed was a little uncomfortable.

Apparently, her boyfriend had been told that she’d be returning that evening. And apparently, she thought he would be picking her up from the airport. As best as I could make out from her side of the conversation and the muffled squawks from his, he didn’t get the message, and was out having a good time with his buddies. He had no intention of changing those plans, see, and perhaps she should get a cab. Oh, but no! She knew he had gotten the message. Clearly, he had ignored it, and was he really serious about things? Is this how anyone would treat someone that they really loved? Like he’d said last week?

It only went downhill from there. I generally try not to eavesdrop, but… well. You’re jammed in next to someone, and you’re waiting to stand up and get your luggage out of the overhead. It’s hard not to notice the relationship flame-out in progress. The best you can do is make eye contact with the rest of the people around you and hope that it doesn’t get worse, you know?

So, yeah. That’s what this whole Apple/Adobe thing is like.

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